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Headlight Restoration & Lens Polishing

Headlight Restoration & Lens Polishing


Restore Headlights to clear bright condition improving the light shining on the road in front of you! With brighter headlights on your car you can see Deer, children, objects in the road before its too late.

Lenses become cloudy from the sand and rocks kicked up by cars in front of you and by oxidation caused by the sun and natural wear and tear. We perform a professional service by removing the damaged layer, polishing the fresh surface, micro-clarifying the lens and adding a protective sealant to restore that bright light you once had!

We also offer DOT approved brighter headlamps such as the Sylvania Silverstar and Silverstar Ultra lamps for much brighter nighttime lighting of the highway in front of you. Brighter lights reduce nighttime driving stress and can help you drive better.

We perform this service for $59 per lens, but print this discount savings coupon and you can save $10 per service and get it for only $49 per lens. The service takes about an hour and twenty minutes because we do it the right way by hand - this is not a cheap spray on service some chain stores sell you that will only flake off in a few months - this is the real deal performed by real craftsman at a local real repair shop staffed by real certified technicians in Poughkeepsie NY.

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