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Why not buy tires online? Lets fact check the online vs. buying from a local independent dealer.

When you buy tires online or from a chain store it may at first seem to be a little cheaper, of course its a lot cheaper than expensive new car dealerships. But lets look at just the tires and installation differences when you buy tires near Poughkeepsie NY instead of searching for discount tires online:

The number one factor is price right? Well, no so fast. Tires require service and possible warranty issues over time. That has to be done locally, but there is more. Local auto repair shops like Arlington Auto & Tire in Poughkeepsie NY have been found by many consumer review topics to sell tires at the same or often lower prices. In fact in the past years the tires sold by Arlington Tire have been compared and lower in price. For example a recent customer paid $177 for a Goodyear tire they paid too much direct from and Arlington's every day price was $158 per tire, but wait - there is more to it. We also offer double rebates on them.

Consider this, when you buy tires from ArlingtonAuto & Tire in Poughkeepsie NY you also get many benefits and lower installation costs that more than make up for even a large difference in price. Here's why buying tires locally at Arlington Tire makes more sense.

1. we sell all brands but from real world experience in NY and on specific types of real vehicles our managers can curate the right choice for your application in less time than you would spend buying online. But if you don't trust experts and believe a web site who will never actually put tires on your car toss this reason out, there is more:

2. When you buy tires from us the cost of installation is a pop or pay one price package deal. For the tire installation package cost of $19.99 for most tires on cars and light trucks whether 35 series or 70 series no matter, you get a hosted suite of benefits including all these:

a. life of tire tread rotations - that's right free until those tires wear to 3/32" on an inch

b. life of tire re-balancings when ever those tires need balance due to shaking or if you feel they just need to be done its free!

c. life of tire air pressure and nitrogen resets

d. if you ever get a nail in a tire tread or in the steel belt area we fix it up for you at no charge

e. if a tire we sold you needs diagnostics for a vibration defect we do that for free on the tires you purchased from us!

f. if you need a warranty on a tire its free for us to process the warranty when you buy the tires from us, if you did not there is a small fee for the labor to determine the reason for the defect, however out of courtesy we don't charge for processing at all - after all once you see why paying a competitive price for a tire at Arlington Tire and all the benefits are you'll be our customer for life! 

g. we do the alignment more precisely than anyone around, we know what the right settings are and we know how to make it perfect, we are not the cheapest on alignment because we spend hours getting it perfect. If you want a quick cheap alignment we are not the place - alignment is all about precision and excellence, there is no point in having a mediocre alignment for many reasons.

h. TPMS - that dreaded light. It comes on when the weather gets cold, its lights up when tires get hot on the highway, hybrids are especially sensitive to tpms pressure changes, sensor batteries go bad, fix a flat ruins them instantly, age and corrosion do them in, and salt eats them away  - we fix them. We reprogram factory sensors and systems and sell and install new ones. If you buy tires from us you are just paying for the sensor at the time of the new tire install, if afterwords our tires have free balance for life so you would not have to pay to re-balance after a sensor replacement. 

i. all our air is made from a rotary compressor with filtered refrigerated dried air and then goes to a nitrogen generator to refill tires

j. our warranty is AAA Nationwide - so where ever you travel across the USA you simply have to call us or the toll free number. When you are more than 50 miles away the toll free support line is staffed by ASE Master Techs at an insurance company we pay to back up your investment - they will review what your mechanic says to be sure they are doing the right thing and then pay them directly for the repairs so you have no out of pocket expenses. So for example if your wheel balance goes off and you are on vacation you are covered.

k. We torque every wheel, its just the way we have been doing it for many years.

Lets compare the difference over time for tire maintenance:

4 New Tires and milesOnline or others balance&rotateArlington Balance,Rotate,NitrogenSAVINGS on your set of tires
10,000 miles$59.99$ 0$59.99 each time!
20,000 miles $59.99
$ 0
$59.99 again
30,000 miles$59.99
$ 0
$59.99 again
40,000 miles$59.99
$ 0
$59.99 and again
50,000 miles$59.99
$ 0

*Arlington's saves consumers on average up to $299.95 in expense over the life of a typical 50,000 mile tire

l. an additional benefit - tire protection plan Road Hazard coverage. This covers your tires for non repairable failures like potholes, curbs, debris in the road, and more. These are things you just cant avoid laying on the street, that end up costing you much time and aggravation. With the Plan you are covered until the tires wears all the way down to 4/32", most online tire sellers only cover the first 25% or 2/32" and you pay about 15% to 30% of the tire price*(offers by various sellers will vary greatly, you should research extensively before buying) Our plan is only 10.95% or $10.95 minimum (ultra low profile 35,30 and 25 series tires cost an extra $10.95 and are limited to $250 value tires, so we may not be able to cover your Bugatti Veyron tires, sorry:(  But popular cars are covered. (We do see an occasional Ferrari or Porsche and some Tesla in Poughkeepsie NY for tires and service ) 

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